How It Works

FINES4U specialises in resolving problems for a variety of clients. We act as duly authorized agents for clients and its proxies in all traffic related offences in terms of a Power of Attorney signed by the client or the proxy. Most traffic fines are issued at the maximum permissible amount. On your behalf, FINES4U will forward an objection to the relevant state prosecutor and he/she can at his or her own discretion reduce or even withdraw a traffic fine.


For all Traffic Fines we charge 40% of the amount we save you. Should a bank guaranteed cheque be required you will be responsible for the cost thereof.


FINES4U will collect the traffic fine and after reduction has been applied, return the traffic fine to you with a reconciliation statement and invoice. It is your responsibility to pay the fine within period allowed.
Or after the fine reduction has been applied, we send you a reconciliation statement and invoice for our services. Once payment has been received, we will pay the fine on your behalf.

AARTO Traffic Fines

AARTO traffic fines are forwarded to your nearest post office. As soon as you collect and sign for it, you have 32 days to pay in order to qualify for the 50% discount.
If you do not pay within 32 days, the discount expires and an additional R60 per month is charged on the traffic fine.
For the quick processing of the AARTO traffic fines, we suggest that you change your postal address to a post box near our office and FINES4U will pay for it.
As soon as we receive the traffic fines, we will make copies and return the original to you.


FINES4U are also prepared to proxy for you.

Let Fines4U sort out your fines

Please contact FINES4U in order to grant us permission to act on your behalf. We will send you all necessary documents to complete and once we have received all completed documents we will query your traffic fine. We assure you of excellent service and attention at all times.